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Rihannah anoucess 10 new Mattemoiselle lipsticks

courtesy of fenty beauty

Since the launch of fenty beauty, women have been in  a rush to get their hands on the latest fenty product, and fenty has not disappointed, they just released more Mattemoiselle shades.

Lip color

And of course Rihannah was on instagram to let the Navy croud know about this exciting news.

Kenyan Youtuber Joanna Kinuthia launches her Joanna K cosmetics 

Kenyan Yoututber Joanna Kinuthia has launched her Joanna K cosmetics. while launching her Aspire Collection, the 24 year old couldn’t contain her excitement.

Ccourtesy of Joanna K Cosmetics

On a Youtube live stream her followers  tuned in to welcome her new make-up line. the Aspire Collection consists of  4 matte lipsticks and an eyeshadow pallete but Joanna promised there is more to come.

Packaging is lovely

I have to say she has done a great job with packaging especially with the eye shadow palette.  The Kenyan cosmetic industry is growing and more and more local brands are launching, and this is good because Kenya is a big market for cosmetics so its only fair that they should have their own brands.

I of course hope that brands will pay attention to the ingredients used to create these products. 

North West Wearing A Red Lipstick

North West, the 5 year old daughter of Kim and Kanye West, was photographed wearing a bright red Lipstick, the pictures were said to have been taken during the holidays.

And when people saw the photos, they were divided on the question being 5-year-old whether North is too young to be wearing bright red lipstick.

In my opinion, its really up to the parent to decide what they want their children to wear or to put on, I just hope that lipstick is safe for the delicate lips of a 5 year old child.