A Lipstick That Lasts For 5 Years, Would You Be Interested

OK, I came across a very interesting post on Instagram this morning and I thought I would address it here. So Kenyan women are being introduced to a procedure where you get your lips pigmented with color by injections and the color should last for 5 years. A lipstick that lasts for 5 years how would you like that?

The treatment requires two sessions that are 4 weeks apart, apparently, you need 4 weeks ”to heal”. And after the treatments, you are free to enjoy your life without bothering with lipstick application for up to 5 years. Sounds good to you? OK, let’s analyze this treatment and see why women would opt to have this procedure done.

It’s Not True That Red Lipstick Does Not Show On Dark Lips


But before we do that, I just want to mention that I was very offended by the woman who is running the business of changing people’s lip color because part of her sales speech included her stating that because black women have black lips, when they apply lipstick the true color of the lipstick does not show. She went on to say that when you apply a red lipstick onto dark lips it turns into maroon color.

I don’t know what this woman is talking about, I guess since she has light lips and light skin, she feels the need to make it sound like having dark lips is a negative thing.

Would She Tell Lupita Nyon’go That Her Lips Are Too Dark For Red Lipstick?

She got me thinking, would she stand in front of women like Lupita Nyon’go or Duckie Thot, and tell them that their dark lips interfere with the true color of their lipstick? These are famous beautiful black women who have no trouble wearing red lipstick and it shows just fine on their lips.

They also happen to have big makeup brands that they endorse, for example, Lupita Nyon’go is a brand ambassador for Lancome

Why would such big brands approach her to propel their sales if her lips will not portray their lipsticks in true shades?

This kind of narrative is designed to make women of color feel like their dark features are not beautiful or attractive, I think if you are going to go through with the procedure, go through with it because you want to have lip color on your lips so you can avoid applying lipstick every day, but don’t go through the procedure to change the color of your lips because they are dark.

Dark lips are as beautiful as pink lips.

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And They Are Also Doing The Procedure On Other Parts Of The Body

I was also very concerned to hear that they don’t only perform this procedure on the lips, they also perform it on eyes, and nipples to change the dark nipples and make them light. I swear this world is going crazy. They also said the outcome of the treatment will depend on some factors one being your blood type, this means that the outcome will depend on how the chemicals will react to your blood type. This is some serious stuff.

Women think it’s just a case of another beauty procedure, that it’s just about applying a lipstick that lasts for 5 years.

Why would one want to change the color of their nipples? dark nipples are just fine and beautiful. OK, enough about that let’s go back to lipstick since it’s the subject of this post.

We Need To Learn To Embrace Our Beauty As Black Women


As a black woman born and raised in Kenya, I have dark lips and I have never had any problem with my lipsticks, I just need to choose a color that is highly pigmented and one that matches my complexion. Sure, of course, living in Europe and especially in a part of Europe where there are not many black women, sometimes I have to order my makeup online or search some more in the shops to find a color that matches my skin.

But that does not mean that I need to change the color of my lips by injecting toxins into my body.

OK, I understand the idea of permanent or semi-permanent makeup didn’t start now, lots of people go for permanent makeup especially celebrities. And things like micro-blading are very popular these days especially with young people, micro-blading is a procedure used to tattoo eyebrows by way of applying color using a tool that has tiny needles, that make strokes while they inject color into the skin to make the eyebrow appear natural.

My concern is that, in a place like Kenya where The Beauty industry is not investigated unless something happens like in the case of WHO(World Health Organization) raising concerns about Mercury and Hydroquinone being used in cosmetics and skin lightening creams. It’s very easy for all kinds of toxins to be injected into people’s bodies in the name of beauty.

Read The W.H.O Findings Here

Of Course, People Are Free To Do As They Please With Their Bodies

Although people will do whatever they want to do with their bodies, I just want to raise my concerns about this lip procedure that is being done in Kenya. The beauty industry in Kenya and Africa at large is one of the industries that are not scrutinized or regulated, and that means people are in danger of being exposed to all kinds of toxins.

I mean it wasn’t until the World Health Organization raised concerns about the use of Mercury and Hydroquinone in face creams that some African governments including Kenya put a ban on these toxins. But that did not stop the cosmetic shops from selling them, they just traveled to the countries where there was no ban and bought the products and sold them Freely.


Skin Bleaching Is A Big Issue In Parts Of Asia And Africa


Skin bleaching is a big problem, and I really don’t know what needs to be done, to fight it, because it’s rooted deep into people’s minds and light skin is always praised as being beautiful.

And that is why toxic skincare products are being sold now more than ever in Africa and Asia and there is a high demand for them. This is despite health practitioners warning people of the health risks of using these products.

And these days it’s not just about the products you apply on your skin, they are also selling tablets and injections.

And now comes this woman who is injecting women with all kinds of Chemicals on their lips and other parts of their bodies, I think the Kenyan government need to take action, if These chemicals are going to stay in peoples body for over five years, we need to know what kinds of damage they will cause in terms of health.

We Need To Know What Kind Of Chemicals This Woman Is Injecting Into People’s Bodies


The ink needs to be tested in the government laboratory to determine what kinds of ingredients it contains. Can you imagine injecting these chemicals into your lips and nipples since as we mentioned earlier, they are injecting nipples too? Now let’s say you get pregnant during the 5 years that you have these chemicals in your body. What is going to happen to your baby? And don’t forget that while you nurse your baby, you are giving them the body part that you have injected chemicals into.

I think we need to examine just how far we are willing to go in the name of beauty, Personally, I would rather leave lipstick marks on my teacup, and keep applying lipstick as and when I need to, rather than injecting my lips with whatever they are injecting people with, she (the woman) who is doing it, did not talk about what the color is made of or where she gets it from.

And she did not address the side effects that could occur as a result of being injected with these chemicals.

I did reach out to them and raised my concerns to which they have not replied, if they do I will surely update this post.


Being comfortable and happy in our own skin has been a struggle for a long time, and women no matter which race or color are always looking for the next big thing in the beauty industry. But when it comes to African and Asian women, there are people who are pushing the narrative of the dark is not beautiful, or the dark skin does not make the makeup pop.

It’s about time we say no to these kinds of narratives, there are so many makeup brands that are working so hard to make sure every woman has her true match in makeup, so no we don’t have to change the color of our lips or nipples for that matter.

To be honest, I think the idea of changing the color of your lips so the red lipstick can pop is ridiculous, as I mentioned I am a big fan of red lipstick, as a matter of fact, I have about 7 different kinds of red lipstick because I love it, and it pops on my lips just fine thank you very much.

Alright, I am done. Please leave your comments below, have you heard of this 5-year lipstick? would you be willing to try it?

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8 thoughts on “A Lipstick That Lasts For 5 Years, Would You Be Interested”

  1. I don’t use lipstick so I don’t know if this idea will help a lot of people.

     But to me, It sounds like a bad idea because injecting your lips and other body parts with products that are not verified and don’t have a list of potential side effects could lead to all kinds of health issues. because who really knows what they are injecting you with? Perhaps more research needs to be done about this procedure. Because injecting chemicals into your body is very risky. But maybe this idea can lead to more companies trying this and make it so it’s completely safe.

  2. If a lipstick is natural and organic and has my color and lasts 5 years? But, this procedure is a little bit too much for me. I would want to change up the next day. This is why I would never get the brows or the eyeliner tattoos. Some people love it, they say that they do not have to put their make up on but I mean, No, Thank you for me.

    I have heard about the nipples, that is so big in Asia. It is a beauty standard for Asian to have a white skin (skin bleaching) and also pink nipples. To me, that is just too weird. I think we are pretty the way way all are. Cosmetics are supposed to enhance our beauty not change it.

    I think no matter color skin you are, you just have to learn to love yourself first. If there is no customer, hopefully these insane procedures will go away. 

    • exactly Nuttanee, make up should be used to enhance our beauty, not to change us. I hope women will stop trying to change their skin color and instead enhance it.

      Now I understand the nipple thing but I do not know why Kenyan women want to change theirs because I don’t think they would look very nice with pink ones.

      thank you for your comment Nuttanee.

  3. Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us, and through this article of yours I have the opportunity to discuss something. 

    I have always cared for my beauty, So I always wondered how I would look so beautiful. Ever since I was a kid I have loved using lipstick. At one time, I used red lipstick and when I used to go somewhere during the day, I used a light-colored lipstick and when going to a party at night. I would use lipstick to match my dress, having the same color of lipstick will not work for me.

    Also based on what you wrote, it sounds like this procedure could be dangerous, so I would not even think of putting myself through that kind of procedure. I hope that after reading your article, many people will understand what they are and share their experiences with you. 

  4. Hello Rose, thank you for sharing this. This is my first time to hear about this lipstick that lasts for 5 years. Initially, I thought it’d be a normal lipstick one can use and continue to use for about 5 years without bothering about getting a new one because it’ll be sufficient enough till then, oh I was 101% WRONG!

    Black is beautiful! As a matter of fact, I love black 100% and I’d love to get married to a black pretty lady if God permits me. I have seen black ladies using lipstick on their dark lips and it’s totally gorgeous. So I don’t see a need for this lipstick that lasts for 5 years. Moreover, this colour injected on the skin. The fact that they also do this on nipples is just so ridiculous. Does a lady show off her nipples on the streets? All these are craps focused on black ladies because it’s majorly black ladies that would want to do this. I am totally against this!

    • You are absolutely right MrBizy, I think black women are gorgeous and we really don’t need to change who we are, we just need to use makeup that enhances our beauty.

      You had me laughing when you asked if a lady is walking in the streets exposed lol 

  5. Thanks for this helpful post
    I appreciate the work you do through this site. look beautiful while remaining natural. I appreciate it!
    This is the first time I come across this new procedure of lipstick by injecting a chemical that makes the lips pigmented for 5 years.
    I am not a woman, but I do not agree that my wife uses this method. As you said so well, who knows –  if this product does not have side effects on a woman’s health. And if it will have a negative effect on the children, she’s going to give birth to. Just imagine if you had a boy with red lips!

    I agree that our African sisters should make themselves beautiful, but to use methods that would compromise their health, no!

    I’m going to show this post to my wife. I’m sure it’ll be one of her favorites website for makeup.


    • lol, this comment has me in tears with laughter, a baby boy with red lips lol. Well, that is not the worst that could happen actually, the red lips can probably be fixed but there are other serious health problems that can occur including organ damage.

       some of the toxins found in makeup are known to cause all kinds of damage to kidneys, liver and in some cases even the brain of the child.

      Thank you for your comment, Sebastian.


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