5 tips for safe online dating

online dating

So due to the easy access to internet world wide, people are finding it easier to connect with each other through the web,whether  is for business, socializing, or even finding love, by online dating.

Many sites and apps

These days there are many dating sites and apps not to mention social media, so people are constantly online and as good as these platforms are, its worth considering your safety while using them. and that is  why  I want to save you from many mistakes that one could make.

So I am going to share  with you 5 tips  for safe online dating, tips that will help you navigate the online dating scene safely. tips that could help you with your search for love.

You too can find love

As someone who found love online, I assure you that these tips are going to help you. and you will find your life partner like I did, you just have to be patient and be careful.


Be yourself but without sharing too much personal information, take your time before you start sharing too  much.

with every site or app you will be asked to fill in a basic information form, and also tell a little about yourself. so try to stick to that info when you first introduce yourself to someone.


Be very careful of scammers, ok actually  this should be tip number one, there are many kinds of scammers out there, some want to get pictures of women, so they can use them to scam men and vice versa. and there are those who want money or both which leads me to my next tip.


Never under any circumstance send money or naked photos of yourself to someone you’ve only met online, you must meet someone in person to be able to really say you know someone. and besides those who ask you for a naked picture, they are not really interested in you as a person.  And the ones who want money, it means to them you are an ATM machine so be very careful.


Always insist on seeing the person you are interested in on a video chat like skype, also make them do random things to make sure you are not talking to a recording.  I remember once, I thought I was talking to someone, and it was a recording I was talking.


Don’t use your main email address to open a dating site account because things could get very messy, and you will get like a gazillion emails from the dating sites which will bury your important emails, which will make your life very difficult, as well as making it hard for you to stay in contact with your friends and family.

Please tell me what you think about these tips

So those are just a few tips to help you, I will be sharing more, Including some of my own stories, some funny and some not so funny.  well,  good luck on your search for love and please leave me a comment bellow, or ask me a question.    thank you for reading.

Thank you for your time


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