5 Reasons Why You Should Pay More Attention To Your Scalp

Did you know that most people don’t pay as much attention to their scalp as they do the rest of their skin? Most people especially women would spend lots of money on creams and skincare products most of the money going to their faces, but when it comes to scalp, they don’t really pay much attention. Today I want to give you 5 reasons why you should pay more attention to your scalp.

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The funny thing is, when people are talking about beautiful long hair, it’s very rare that you hear them mention a healthy scalp. Now in order for you to grow long, healthy, strong hair, the hair strand needs to be nourished from within, which means a healthy scalp will result in healthy strong, beautiful hair.

I think the reason why most people fail to treat the scalp as they treat the rest of their skin is that because of the hair, they cannot see the scalp and therefore, they will not notice a problem until it starts itching, then they will take action.

Reasons Why You Should Pay More Attention To Your Scalp Number One

To prevent weak hair, By not taking proper care of your scalp, you are increasing the risk of having scalp conditions that could cause you to have weak hair which means you will end up spending lots of money in treatments to get your scalp back on track.

As I mentioned earlier, a healthy scalp means healthy beautiful hair, so there is no way you can have beautiful hair if you don’t provide a healthy environment for the hair to grow and thrive in. And of course, that healthy environment is your scalp.

I see people spending so much money on hair products that make the hair shiny, but the shine from a product is temporary. If you can get your scalp to its healthiest level, then you will be able to reach your hair goals, like shiny bouncy hair that doesn’t need so many products to bring out the shine.

Reason Number Two Why You Should Not Ignore Your Scalp


To avoid Itchiness, if you don’t take great care of your scalp, chances are you will have some itchiness which could result in dandruff, although there are other causes of dandruff, if your scalp is excessively dry, then it will get itchy, and of course, you will scratch and as you do so, your scalp will most probably flake.

And that could also cause your scalp to be irritated and that will only make the problem worse. The first thing you need to do is identify your scalp type, do you have oily, normal or dry scalp? once you have identified the type of your scalp, just like your skin, you need to invest in products that match your scalp type.

Reason Number 3

Hair loss, although there are many medical conditions that cause hair loss and those should be addressed by a medical practitioner or a dermatologist, there are some hair loss problems that arise as a result of scalp neglect, when the scalp is irritated, then, of course, the hair will start getting weak and it will break easily especially when you scratch or brush the hair.

Reason Number 4 Why You Should Pay More Attention To Your Scalp

To avoid serious scalp problems, and conditions like the formation of bacteria, inflation, redness, or in worse cases lice infestation, and transmittable scalp conditions. And as we have mentioned earlier to avoid baldness. When it comes to scalp care it’s not just about using products, it’s also about avoiding situations that could place you in danger of being exposed to things like lice and other skin-related conditions that can be transferred through sharing products and hair care items.

For those who wear wigs, you should not share your wigs with other people. By sharing your wigs, you are exposing your scalp to all types of things and conditions. So please stick to your own wigs.

Number 5 To Maintain A Healthy Scalp So You Can Grow Strong Healthy Hair


Of course, you will have benefits when you pay more attention to your scalp, your hair will be healthy and strong which will reduce the breakage giving you long beautiful hair. And not only that, but you will also avoid those annoying and in some cases painful scalp conditions that we just covered above.

So what are some of the steps you can take to ensure that your scalp is well taken care of? Well, the first thing you need to do and I am sure you’ve probably heard this before, is to take a look at your diet and your water intake. Food that is rich in vitamin E, A, B vitamins, Omega fatty acids, and Vitamin C just to name a few will ensure that your skin is healthy from head to toe.

I have written a very detailed article about the foods to eat for healthy skin, and I think you need to take a look because this applies to your scalp. Most people treat the scalp as if it’s not skin, although the scalp is thicker than the skin on your face, it’s still your skin and you need to treat it with care just as you do your face and other parts of your body.

How To Take Care Of Your Scalp

After you have identified your scalp type, then it’s time to give it what it needs, if you have oily to normal scalp, then you need to avoid product buildup by cleansing your scalp regularly and applying a light yet hydrating scalp treatment, the kind that contains oils like Jojoba, Olive, and Grapeseed oils.

Avoid too much heat on your scalp, to be honest, I think our scalp is the most mistreated part of our skin, we are always exposing our scalp to extremely high temperatures, roughly scrubbing our scalp with brushes, not to mention those harsh chemicals especially the hair straining creams that we use to straighten curly hair.

For Dry Scalp, Think Hydration


Dry scalp can also be very sensitive so you need to be tender when dealing with your scalp, don’t use your nails to scrub your scalp when washing your hair, instead use your fingertips and massage gently. Don’t use very hot water to cleanse your scalp, instead use just slightly warm water.

Also, when buy products choose to gentle hydrating shampoo the kind that will not strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils. Once your scalp is thoroughly cleansed apply a deep hydrating conditioner or mask. It’s also wise to oil your scalp with organic cold-pressed avocado oil. It has helped my dry scalp a lot. I apply avocado oil on my scalp at least twice a week, although I do alternate with Pure organic cold-pressed Olive oil.


Your scalp is very important and it’s absolutely crucial that you pay more attention and take better care of your scalp. I hope the information I have shared with you today will encourage you to take care of your scalp and hair both from within and from outside. From within by eating healthy and drinking lots of water, and fresh fruit juices, so you can stay super hydrated.


And also by choosing products that will benefit your scalp and nourish it, as well as nourish your hair.

I really would love to hear what you think about this, Do you pay more attention to your scalp than most people? If so how do you do it? Please leave your comments below.

Thank you for your time


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