4C hair the war in the natural hair community

In this article I am going to share some very interesting things I have found out about the so called natural hair community. I must say that I didn’t even know there was such thing as community or movement dedicated to natural hair.

So anyway, as you know if you have read my article about my 4c hair my journery, I am in the process of growing my natural hair and so I did what anyone would do when they are thinking about natural hair care, I went to google then to youtube, and then to pinterest.

I needed to find out the best way to start my journey and how to grow my hair strong, long and healthy, in my quest to grow my knowledge and my hair, I came across many interesting things, first I quickly found out that it was not as easy as I thought.

4C hair is complicated enough without us making things worse

I didn’t know that its so complicated, and the amounts of products required, I went from one article to another, from one video to another, one would say this is the best product, then I go to the next video, and that one would tell me that the first product is the worst, it became over welming.

My hair has always been relaxed so I really didn’t have to worry about it much, and I knew what products to use when my hair was relaxed. But since i have decided to go natural, things are getting serious.

So I gave up on trying to find the best products to use and I just decided to contact my family about what products I should buy, so my research changed to finding out the methods of caring for my hair, this is where things started getting very interesting.

I found out that its not enough to be natural, but its devided in groups, some women were accusing others of not being natural enough, others were not considered qualified enough to speak of natural African hair. others were accused of false claims of having 4c hair.

The so-called natural hair community has become like a political party, I honestly didn’t think it was that serious, like girls, are having serious fights on youtube about whose hair has tighter curls and whose hair is nappier, its ridiculous.

So, in the end, I just decided to manage my hair in my own way because I found it exhausting to be involved in the movement, every person I considered subscribing to on youtube, had reaction videos to other YouTubers.

There is hair war going on over there I am telling you

And I was thinking what time do they find to take care of their hair if they are spending so much time on youtube attacking one another about hair? Then I also became suspicious of girls who had some magical hair growth secret that they were not sharing.

Then there are those who are allegedlly using relaxer creams and still claming to be natural, its just too much. For someone like me who is just starting in this whole natural journey, it is very discouraging to see all these misleading reviews of products.

So I guess I will just keep trying different things and see what works for me, I have already bought some things and I will keep sharing my progress as time go by. I will advice you to not turn to youtube when you are looking for natural hair tips because honestly the drama is just too much.

I mean it’s already stressful trying to take care of our hair because it tends to break so easily and that’s why we are always looking for tips on how to maintain the length, there is one girl who I think gave me the best tip.

She said that every woman is defferent and its really up to you to find what works for you, i think that is a good advise because, as she said, on youtube everybody is talking about coconut oil but for her that was the worst thing she had ever put on her hair.

As you can see, some people will be happy with coconut oil, others like me will be happy with olive oil, and others like Applying Shea Butter on their scalp.

The world has become so over sensitive

But to be quite honest with you, i feel like the world is so sensitive these days, can you imagine women fighting over hair? These days things are so bad that people are afraid of everything.

And we want to be so devided intstead of coming together, like if a girl is of mixed race, then she is not black enough and so she should not make a video talking about her hair. The truth is all women do straggle with their hair.

So if that mixed girl has found a way that works for her hair, i think she should share, if I get on youtube, i will find a video that caters for what I am looking for so there is no need for these fights about hair.

The best thing is to just create good content and people will watch, I have actually watched videos of people who don’t have hair like mine, only because their content was good, entetaining and interesting.

My conclusion


There are more serious things to talk about than fighting about whose curls are tighter than whose. Lets work toward buiding each other and not working to tear each other apart, we are all facing difficulties in this life so lets encourage one another.

How about we talk about making the world a better palce for future generation, now there is a video I would love to watch on Youtube, or finding ways to better our lives as women. Those are just my thoughts.

I would like to hear what you think about this issues so please leave me a comment and i will get back to you.

Thank you for your time


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