10 Things That Show You Have Matured

There are things that show you have matured, and those are the things we will take a look at today. When you are in your thirties, you have already started reaching that point of maturity, but there is something that happens when you reach that place, you get to a point where you don’t sweat small things anymore.

You Don’t Take Things Personally Anymore

When you get into the maturity space, you don’t take things personally, for example, if someone decides they don’t want to hang around with you, then you just move on, you don’t dwell on the issue, you don’t even ask them to stick around, and you know why? because you ain’t got time for people who got no time for you.

Things That Show You Have Matured What Other People Say Don’t Bother You Anymore

I have mentioned this in another post, there are people who are held back from following their dreams because they are worried about what others will say. Who are these others? who cares about them? when you have matured, such things don’t matter anymore, what other people will say about you is no longer a concern of yours.

Other people’s opinions will not stop you from doing what you love.

You Acknowledge And Respect Other People’s Differences

Lately, there has been a huge conflict in regards to racism, some people chose to say that they don’t see color, but the truth is we do see color, I am black and when we meet, if you are white the first thing you will probably notice about me is that I am black, and that is OK. By saying that you don’t see color, you are dismissing who I am, you are actually saying that you don’t see me.

Being different is not a bad thing, so when you have matured, you are able to acknowledge and respect other people’s differences. It does not have to be color, I just used that as an example.

Being Mature Makes You Realize That Some Times Its Better To Remain Silent


When I was younger, I used to answer everything, I would not let the other person win an argument, I would keep arguing until the other person gives up. But as I get older, peace of mind has become my priority and, it has made me realize that sometimes silence is more powerful than words.

Actually, it takes us back to that saying that says “never argue with a fool” If you see the argument is not going anywhere, it’s better to just remain silent.

Self Love And Appreciation Is More Important To You Now

I saw a video on TikTok just recently where someone said “tell me 5 things or people that you love the most” and then she asked, “why didn’t you put yourself on the list”? As you get older, you start to realize that you need to put yourself first, also you start to notice that you would rather enjoy your own company than be with people who don’t treat you right.

In other words, you start realizing your worth. You start trusting your own decisions more, your inner voice is clearer and more powerful and you listen to it keenly now.

You Forgive Easly Now Because You  Understand Better 

At this stage in your life, you have made a few mistakes, so when someone makes similar mistakes that you made, you understand, and therefore you can forgive easily. You also realize that forgiving does not mean that you forget, and actually does not even mean that you want to be with the person that wronged you.

It’s just a way to heal yourself, it’s is better to let go of the things that hurt you, so you can have peace.

Now You Can Finally Be Happy Because You Have Discovered That Only You Can Make Yourself Happy


For a long time, we search for someone to make us happy, but when we reach that point when we realize that we are in control of our own happiness, then we are going to be happy indeed. The source of our happiness lies within us. I gave up on relying on other people to make me happy.

Instead, I choose to make myself happy, in my opinion, being happy is a choice, sure, there are always going to be things and situations that will threaten to steal our joy, but if we decide to be happy, we will be happy. Are we gonna be happy all the time? probably not but most of the time, we will be happy if we choose to. 

The Mistakes Of Your Youth Have Been Forgiven

Although we work so hard to forgive people who have wronged us, sometimes we also have to work on forgiving ourselves, and as you get older, you will realize that you cannot change the past, and therefore, it’s better to forgive yourself. When we are young, we make lots of stupid mistakes, and as we get older we look back and ask ourselves, what were we thinking?.

The truth is the mistakes of your youth were lessons, that’s right, lessons that you can teach the younger generation, I have found myself saving my nieces, and my cousins from making the same mistakes I made when I was younger. When I speak to them, I share with them how I took the steps they are taking, where they led me, and that makes them think, and in some cases rectify their behavior.

You Are Able To Recognize Toxic People


Being able to recognize and cut off toxic people from your life is very important. I know sometimes it’s not easy to let go, and it actually hurts when you are letting go. But if what the person is bringing into your life is just sorrow, why hold on to them? You will be better off hurting for a short time, than hurting for the rest of your life.

And that’s what maturity does to you, it helps you identify toxic people, and also helps you make wise decisions.

Life Is More Fun And Enjoyable

When you reach maturity, you enjoy life more, because as we mentioned earlier, you are not worried about what people will say so you are able to even make a fool of yourself now and then, which means having fun. I have made a fool of myself a few times, but who cares, as longs as I am not hurting myself or anyone else, and I am having fun great.


Although being mature does not necessarily mean old, I have noticed that I am getting more mature as I get older. Sure, some old people do act so immature, but I think time and experiences do contribute to maturity. Well, I don’t know what you think about this, so please share your thoughts below.


Thank you for your time.

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