10 Online Dating Questions You Must Ask

After you are done drooling on each other’s profile pictures, and you have met on Skype or face time and asked the usual first date questions, now its time to dig deeper, these are 10 online dating questions you must ask before you move any further. At this point, you must have asked what the other does for a living, hobbies, whether they are into 50 shades of grey or not and interests, etc.

So now its time to ask some serious questions, the thing with online dating, things move very fast and time is of the essence and you really don’t want to waste your time and then find out that the two of you can not be together. The first thing you need to ask is if the other person is really committed to finding someone to have a relationship with.

Commitment is one of 10 online dating questions you must ask

 10 online dating questions you must ask

I know that is a strong word and people get scared when they hear the word commitment, but its very important to know whether you guys are really serious or you are just playing the field, there are people who have dating profiles on 5 to 10 dating sites, and they just chat with random people, as a way to pass time, or play with people’s emotions.

The thing with online dating is that people create profiles on dating sites, not because they are really looking for relationships, but because they want someone to entertain them when they are bored, and someone to chat within the evenings after work while they are relaxing and have nothing better to do.

And the funny thing is, there are sites that are strictly dedicated to that kind of thing, the casual encounter sites are available but because most of those sites you have to pay people to entertain you, that’s why most people opt for regular dating sites, and this is why I always say, if you meet someone on a dating site and they just want to see you naked on camera, you should either charge for your services or tell them to go to the casual encounter sites spend money and stop wasting your time.

The first question you need to ask and expect a serious answer is, what are you really looking for? You need to ask this question because there is no point spending 3 or 4 months chatting with someone and then realize you have just been wasting your time.

Even if someone tells you that they are indeed looking for a serious person to have a committed relationship with, you will know by their behavior whether that is true or they are just playing mind games, so be alert and on lookout, if they only chat with you when they have no prior engagements, then that is not a serious person.

If they keep disappearing on you especially on weekends, then it’s obvious that they have better things to do than spend a virtual date with you.

Once you establish that both of you are looking for commitment, then you are on the same page and you can proceed with the following questions, do you want children and can you have children? the issue of children can be a deal-breaker for a couple if one of you would like to have children but the other doesn’t, that could raise serious problems, so it’s always wise to put the cards on the table from the get-go.

Religion and superstition

 10 online dating questions you must ask

This is another thing that could make or break a relationship, and you really need to know where you stand when it comes to religion, people these days are worshiping all kinds of things, and it’s very important you be on the same page when it comes to matters of religion and superstition.

Because, if one is worshiping one thing and the other one is either not religious or is into something else, things could get complicated and the relationship could be under a threat.

Personal Care, Diet, Pets, And Hobbies

 10 online dating questions you must ask

Are you are vegetarian/vegan? if one person is a vegetarian and the other is a meat-eater, the relationship will not survive, because the Vegan person will not want to see meat in the fridge and they probably don’t even want to use the same plates or cutlery that has been used for animal products. So yeah this could be a deal-breaker and you need to know as soon as possible.

Smoke? you need to know if the other person smokes, and if they drink and how much they do, I know most people would enjoy a nice glass of wine with a nice meal, or a beer or two after work, that is not considered serious drinking, at least not in my book. Smoking, however, could be deal-breaker, because if you are not a smoker yourself, dating a person who smokes, could make things a bit awkward especially on the romance department.

You will find it a bit discouraging to kiss a smoker because you can always smell the cigarets even if they have just used a mouthwash, so this is a serious thing to consider, if you don’t like smokers, then don’t get into a relationship with one.

Pets Do you like pets? what kinds of pets do you like? are you a dog or a cat person and do you let the pets sleep in the bed with you? or are you a crocodile and snake kind of person? I am not kidding when I tell you that a friend of mine had to break up a relationship, after discovering that the guy she had been chatting with for quite some time, had a huge python as a pet.

One evening they were just having a Skype date and she asked him to give her a tour of the house where she was going to live in the future (so she thought at the time) so anyway, the guy is strolling casually through the house and showing her different things when something caught her eye and she said, wait wait go back, what’s that?

And he said what? Oh, that is Livy, she said Livy? is it made of rubber? and as she was asking, the reptile moved and she screamed and run away as if the snake could reach out through Skype and get her lol. So, you need to know if the person you are dating online has pets and more importantly what kinds of pets he has.

Tattoos And Piercings

 10 online dating questions you must ask

Tattoos and piercings, if you don’t like tattoos and piercings then you need to ask the other person if they have them, I was damped by a guy because even though I am not a tattoo person, I love piercings and I have 4 piercings on each ear and he didn’t like women with piercings so that was that.

Video games and sports fans, there are people who can play video games for days, and when they get home the first thing they do after dinner is, go and start playing video game, you need to find out if the person you are with is a gamer and if so, you need to decide if you are willing to live with it, because they will not stop playing video games even when you move in together.

You also need to know if they are strong sports fan because if they are then you need to support the same team or the two of you will be having many fights and believe me, the fights might sound mild and funny but they can get ugly real quick.


Close to the family? well, this one is tough because, if you are a family person and your partner is not and maybe they are not close to their family, then it could prove to be a problem because the person who is not close to their family might not want to spend so much time with the other persons’ family and that could create some type of animosity.

So the both of you have to discuss this issue and decide how to move forward, this is something that the two of you can work out and the relationship can overcome this issue and you can move forward and have a happy life together.


meeting someone online that you think could be the one is very exciting, but in order to have a good foundation, you need to ask some tough questions, and some people don’t ask these questions because they are afraid of scaring off the potential partner, but if you don’t ask these questions, then you are just setting yourself up for failure.

You need to know the answers before you can move the relationship forward and the sooner you ask these questions the better, that being said, you also have to answer the same questions and you need to answer then truthfully and you need to answer any other additional questions that the other person might have.

I hope you have found this article helpful, please leave me a comment below and tell me what you think, and if there are other questions that you feel a mandatory please mention then in your comment and Let’s discuss them.

Thank you so much for your time


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