10 best natural hand creams

10 best natural hand creams

Today I am going to review 10 best natural hand creams, we all know that our hands are very important to us and we need to take good care of the skin on our hands.

If you haven’t read my previous article, I highly recommend you read it, because I go into detail about our hands and how we need to stop ignoring them here is the link to that article.

So in this article, I will be sharing the top 10 best natural hand creams, I will be sharing hand creams that are made of natural oils and butter to help smooth your skin and nourish it.

When choosing a hand cream, you want to look for the kind that will give you maximum hydration because the hands are prone to drying because of constant hand washing or senetizing.

And because when I do these kinds of reviews I get comments from guys asking if I can do a review for guys, I will include hand creams for men too, I will not waste any more of your precious time, let’s get into it.

All purpose Salve skin treatment.

I want to start with this one because its a multi purpose treatment, it can be used on rough dry hands, it can also be use on feet, and it can even be used on babies to prevent diaper rash, so this is an ideal thing to have around the house for the whole family.

Mom or Dad can use it after doing her/his gardening, or after doing things around the house or outside the house, it’s very handy, because kids can use it also after washing their hands to prevent dryness.

Gently scented with anti-microbial essential oils of rosemary, cedar leaf, and tea tree, known to help prevent damaged skin from becoming infected while promoting healing. It is particularly good for irritated skin, its formulated with coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E among other amazing ingredients, all natural none GMO and cruelty-free.

If you have rough cracked feet, its advisable to soak them in warm water in the evening before bed, wash with gentle soap, then dry your feet and apply Salve intense treatment rubbing gently onto the skin. Then put on a pair of socks and sleep in them, repeat this treatment for a week and you will notice results.

Our next product is
Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream

Burt Bees is a brand known for its quality natural products, this hand cream is formulated with sweet almond oil and vitamin E, to soothe your hands and hydrate your skin leaving it feeling moist and smooth.

And you can also use it on your elbows and knees too, to keep those areas smooth and to keep the skin from drying out and cracking, we all know that our skin in those areas tends to dry very quickly. So in order for you to have soft and hydrated skin on your hands, elbows, and knees, I recommend Burt Bees Almond & Milk hand cream.

And now lets see what our guys can use on their hard working hands, I think men need to take care of their hands because, most of them are not going for manicures and also they are probably not carrying a hand cream around like we women do.

So I think they need a cream they can apply in the morning while they get ready for work and also they have to apply the cream in the evening too after shower, or after brushing teeth, I think applying a hand cream before bed is best because your body is resting then and the cream will have enough time to do its magic.

JACK BLACK – Industrial Strength Hand Healer.

This is a hand cream desigened for a hard working man, a man who is handling a lot of things with his hands, its enriched with macadamia nutoil to heal rough cracked hands, and because men tipically don’t like greasy stuff, this one is not greasy a all.

So if you have dry chapped hands this moisturizer will give you relief, the best way to keep the skin on your hands healthy, is by creating a routine, make sure you apply your hand moisturizer in the morning and in the evening before bed.

But if you can have it with you during the day, it’s even better because that way you can apply it on your skin every time your hands feel dry.

Beau Brummell Hand cream for men


Created to hydrate your skin and help your hands absorb the moisture without the greasy feeling, this hand cream, made with natural Shea Butter, avocado oil and essential oils will nourish and hydrate your hands, this hand cream will work very well for a guy who wants to take care of those hands.

Bohemian Brothers Natural Hand Salve 

Serious Relief for dry, cracked hands. Bohemian Brothers Natural Hand Salve Ointment, Creme Formulated with Cocoa Butter, and Vitamin E. Soothes and Protects your hands.

Made in US this hand treatment is particularly helpful to men who work outside, where your hands are exposed to harsh weather, it will soothe and protect your hands from drying and cracking, but if your hands are already dry and cracked, you will get quick relief.

Formulated with coconut oil and cocoa butter, this treatment will take care of the problems you might have as a result of working hard using your hands.

So guys there I have suggested 4 products that you can use on your hands to take care of your skin, as much as guys want to appear all rough and unbothered, no one wants to be touched with sandpaper kind of hands so, go ahead and grab one of these hand creams and treat your hands.

Anyway, we shall continue with our review

Weleda Skin Food

Skin Food Original is a universal savior of dry, rough skin on faces, elbows, hands, and feet. With extracts of gentle viola tricolor, calendula, and chamomile, in a rich, thick base of oils and beeswax to give you a healthy-looking glow.

OK, I understand that this one does not say hand cream on the label but trust me, I have tried it and it really works on hands and feet too, it softens and makes the skin feel moist. It has no fragrance so its ideal for night use, I mean I don’t know about you, but I don’t like strong smells while I am trying to sleep.

Andalou Naturals Hand Cream

This Gluten, dairy and GMO free, its a hand cream that will nourish and take great care of your hands, formulated with coconut water and Shea Butter, this cream will absorb quickly to give your skin the moisture it needs, so your hands can be ready for all the task they have ahead.

I have reviewed other products from this brand and they make really good quality natural products.

Our next product is Difeel Hand Cream

This unique restorative Hand Cream moisturizes and nourishes through the careful blending of Vitamin E, Natural Olive Oil, and Botanical Extracts. The formula softens the outer layers of the skin and penetrates to the deeper inner levels.

If you’ve been reading my articles about skincare products, then you know that I love Olive oil, if a product contains olive oil, then I am sold no doubt. And this one does so to me this means it will deliver for sure.

This luxury creams give your hands the perfect hydration, comfort and nourishment they deserve, leaving skin soft to the touch.Our Olive Hand Cream: Refreshes, deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Protects the skin from damaging radicals and aging

Contains Rose Hydrosol water which helps control sebum productions.

The Wonder Seed Hemp Hand Cream

And now I give you a hand cream that will definitely treat your hands to intense moisture, and give you relief if you are suffering from Eczema or Psoriasis

All Natural Formula – optimal blend of virgin Hemp Seed Oil no parabens, sulfates, gluten, artificial colors or fragrancesLavender essential oil fragrance.

100% vegan & cruelty free Formerly sold as The Healing Seed.

BeeMy Honey Anti-Aging Hand Cream

I didn’t include this one just because its got a catchy name, I promise. It actually contains very nourishing and moisturizing ingredients like almond oil and licorice
root extract. Its also wise to note that this product is 97.9% natural, but it does not contain parabens silicones or mineral oils.

Please read the label to see the full ingredients.

Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set, 3 Hand Creams plus Gloves 

I will close our review with this gift park by Burt Bees because I think if you are struggling with dryness on your hands, you should have an option for an intese complete treatment for your hands to get your skin to its nomal moisturized self.

So with this set you will get everything you need to treat your hands, the gift hand spa kit including Almond Milk Hand Cream, Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream and Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, plus 1 pair of cotton gloves.

OK I know its not very romantic to go to bed with gloves but perhaps you and your loved one can come up with some sort of agreement? 🙂 the effort will be worth it in the end.

And that concludes this review, I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment and tell me what you think about my list.

I would also like to remind you to read my previous article to find out more about hand care and get tips on how to keep the skin on your hands healthy. If you didn’ read it at the beginning of this review, please scroll back to the top and click on the link, you will get many helpful tips.

Thank you for your time


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2 thoughts on “10 best natural hand creams”

  1. Hey Rose…I really appreciate this article because my hands get dry so easily BUT I hate to shop and would never stand still long enough in a store or spend the time it would take online to find these 10 best natural hand creams you have covered. Spring is arriving where I live, and my husband and I are starting to get our garden beds ready for planting, which means we are out in the still-chilly air putting our hands through the ringer, and we’re both having trouble. That makes me especially happy that you covered good hand creams for men because not only will my husband not want anything “fragrant,” he won’t bother finding anything for himself. Thanks for taking the work out of it for me (if you know what I mean…haha).

    I did go to your article about how important it is we not ignore our hands, and you are so, so right that we are often neglectful of one of our most useful “bodily tools.” We rely on our hands for so much. I sadly admit to being neglectful of my hands for years, and, now that I’m older, they are letting me know they need better attention. I get cracked, dry skin around my nails so much easier than I used to. But I also don’t want to be putting harmful chemicals on my hands, either.

    I’ve always been partial to Burt’s Bees products, but I don’t recall coming across the Almond & Milk Hand Cream before. Does it have an almond scent, do you know? A like fragrance of almond would appeal to me. Otherwise I’d rather go with Weleda Skin Food with its lack of fragrance. Though the BeeMy Honey Anti-Aging Hand Cream is, indeed, enticing because of its wonderful name!

    I’m going to read through your article again so I can make a good decision on helpful hand creams for both me and my husband. Your insights are so helpful, and I appreciate you gathering this information for those of us too (ahem) lazy to find it all on our own.

  2. Thank you for your recommendations. I will take your advice and apply hand cream every morning and evening. I know it helps, but sometimes I’m just too lazy to do it. I have to remind myself more often. Thanks again. Ivan


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